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WestWood Farms' Broodmares 

WestWood Farms offers custom foal options and embryo transfers on all of our broodmares.  Please contact us for more information!  Payment plans available on in-utero and foal purchases through weaning.  

Creole Evangeline 
*Currently Leased Out*
Gayfields Say What?! x Gayfields the Kingfish x Cloe Blue Caper

Eva is a beautiful bay based grey Sec. B Welsh mare.  She has been started u/s and with her near perfect conformation, friendly demeanor, hack winning movement, and form over fences she will no doubt been the one to beat in the show ring! 



Bush Farm Shimmerfish
Gayfields The Kingfish x Cloe Blue Caper 

Shimmer is a beautiful black based grey Sec. B Welsh Broodmare, and dam of Creole Evangeline.  



2013 - Crab Alleys Creole Jazzman (Salvandi Jazzman)

2012 - Creole Evangeline (Gayfield's Say What?!)

Apricity aka "Annie"
*Currently Leased Out*
Welsh X Pony


Annie is a wonderful small hunter pony with several wins in the show ring!  She has been to Pony Finals on multiply occasions and is a always a joy to ride.  Annie is jet black and stands at 12.2 hh. 




Evans Renesmee
Eyarth Ares x Bristol Victorio x Oak Grove Robinhood

Nessie is a sweetheart of a pony!  Bright chestnut with her unique markings, Nessie is a wonderful mover that is sure to stand out from the crowd!  




Hoekhorst Sweet Symphony
Hoekhorst Imperial o/o Hoekhorst Sweet Surprise

Sweetie is a lovely imported Sec. B Welsh Mare who was extremely competitive on the line before being imported to the States.  Color Test Pending



SCF Sassy Pants
Shenandoah Cracker Jack x Oldacres St George

Sassy is a sweet Sec B Welsh mare out of Cornerstone Souvenir by Shenandoah Cracker Jack.  After a successful career as a children's fox hunting and pony games mount, she had a beautiful colt in 2019 by MP Ojai Boy

Unicorn Gayle Jacqueline
Unicorn Luke the Drifter x Prairie View Star Fire

Gayle is just an absolute doll!  This palomino Sec. A Welsh Pony mare has produced several extremely typey foals.

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